Inventor of world-renowned enterprise content strategy methodology shifts focus, entrusts proven methodology to partner

Toronto, ON, Canada – The Rockley Group Inc. announced today the transfer of full licensing of The Rockley Strategic Method™ to Content Rules Inc., the global content strategy and development experts. Content Rules now has the exclusive worldwide rights to practice The Rockley Strategic Method™.

“Their work is outstanding, and we are very confident that they will provide the quality of service that our customers have come to expect from The Rockley Group,” says Ann Rockley, Founder and CEO of The Rockley Group and the designer of The Rockley Strategic Method™.

Why the change? “I felt the time was right for us to focus on the human side,” says Rockley, so The Rockley Group is shifting its focus to the design, creation, and support of strong adaptive teams and individuals through The Resilient Team Advantage™.

“For 31 years, we’ve been known for our expertise in the design and development of intelligent structured content strategies. But time and again we’ve seen that the success of the strategy depends on the strengths and knowledge of the team members; technology and methodology are not always enough,” says Rockley, “particularly as we wrestle with years like 2020.”

“We’ve always worked behind the scenes helping to build teams, grow and mentor existing staff, and hire new people to fill the gaps. We know what it takes to create and sustain successful teams and individuals. And we realize no matter how brilliant your product or services, without the team and corporate infrastructure to sustain it, it will fail.”

The Rockley Group and Content Rules have been partners since 2013, working together and separately, to help customers develop unified content strategies for enterprise content. All Content Rules team members are fully certified in The Rockley Strategic Method™ and have brought the methodology to companies in the life sciences, high tech, financial services, and manufacturing verticals.

Content Rules is one of the oldest and most well-respected companies in the content strategy, content development, and content optimization arena. The company was founded in 1994 by Val Swisher, one of the foremost experts on global content and co-author of The Personalization Paradox: Why Companies Fail (and How to Succeed) at Delivering Personalized Experiences at Scale (XML Press, 2021).

“We are thrilled to continue to provide The Rockley Strategic Method™ as part of our suite of end-to-end content services,” says Val Swisher, Founder and CEO of Content Rules. “The methodology has been proven time and time again, in hundreds of companies over three decades. It provides a pathway for success in completely transforming how enterprises create, manage, and deliver content.”

The Rockley Strategic Method™ enables organizations to design adaptive structured content to reach customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It is used by the world’s leading brands. The methodology:


The Rockley Group Inc. ( has an international reputation for establishing the field of intelligent structured content strategies. We have helped companies build global teams, define roles, grow and mentor existing staff, and hire new people for more than 30 years. We know what it takes to create and sustain successful teams working remotely. We help to empower individual instinctual strengths, develop successful team dynamics, and mentor key members to become leaders. We’re passionate about creating the right team fit, optimizing team dynamics, and ensuring everyone’s instinctual strengths are maximized.

Content Rules Inc. ( based in Silicon Valley, combines content strategy, content optimization, and content development to maximize the effectiveness of your content and meet your business needs. We’ve developed proven strategies for delivering useful content on the right platform, to the right audience, at the right time—anywhere in the world. The world’s largest and most innovative companies trust us to set global content strategy, optimize content for a worldwide audience, and develop effective content that gets results.

For more information, contact Ann Rockley at or Val Swisher at

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