The Resilient Team Advantage™

Did your team successfully pivot this year and take up the challenge in a period of extreme upheaval? Are cracks beginning to appear, productivity decreasing, stress increasing? We’ve seen teams do a tremendous job and rise to the challenge, but the adrenaline is dissipating, and people are working longer and longer hours. The line between life and work is not only blurring – it’s crumbling, and the pride of success is waning. Do you want to find a way to help your team become more strong and resilient?

We developed The Resilient Team Advantage™ to help you build and support a strong resilient team that allows everyone to work to their instinctual strengths, improving overall performance.

Too often highly skilled individuals are unable to use their skills to the greatest advantage because they have to work in a way that is counter to their natural instincts. Working against their instincts results in stress and reduced productivity. By understanding the way that each team member best gets things done, you help them to perform at their highest level!

The Resilient Team Advantage:

  • Assesses your team’s instinctual strengths
  • Provides management with a detailed understanding of team strengths and gaps
  • Aligns team dynamics and removes conflicts
  • Energizes the team with effective strategies for collaboration and success


The Resilient Team Assessment™

The Resilient Team Advantage begins with the Kolbe A™ Index, a 20-minute assessment for each individual on your team and the team manager. The Kolbe™ System is a research-based assessment that has been used for more than 40 years in all industries and education. The Rockley Group has used the Kolbe® Index for more than 25 years in hiring both internally and with clients to assess the instinctive strengths of people and team dynamics.
The Kolbe Index identifies and measures the factors that influence what types of activities a person will or won’t do without persuasion, pressure or significant managerial oversight. It measures the personal motivational behavior patterns. It measures conative (doing) activities like drive, instinct, necessity, mental energy, innate force, and talents. It breaks it down into four understandable measures that you as a manager can use to improve the performance of your people as individuals and as a team.
The Rockley Group then takes these results and puts them into the context of you and your team. The management presentation provides:


  • An overview of the Kolbe™ System
  • A comparison of your team’s instinctual strengths
  • Gaps and opportunities to improve performance
  • Suggestions for optimizing communication and collaboration

Understanding the innate motivational factors that drive the people on your team gives you an insight into how to structure and organize activities to take advantage of people’s instinctual talents and avoid their weaknesses.

Resilient Team Alignment™

The Resilient Team Alignment is an optional component that builds on the Resilient Team Assessment and provides management with the knowledge to individually coach team members based on their instinctual strengths including:

  • Communication best practices
  • Problem solving strengths
  • Techniques for engagement
  • Best learning methods

Our Expertise

The Rockley Group is known for its expertise in the design and development of intelligent structured content strategies, but technology and methodology are not enough; success is dependent upon the strengths and knowledge of the team. Without a strong team, no amount of content restructuring or new technology will make a project successful. We’ve worked behind the scenes for decades helping to build teams, grow and mentor existing staff, and hire new people to fill the gaps. We know what it takes to create and sustain successful teams. And we realize no matter how brilliant your product or services, without the team and corporate infrastructure to sustain it, it will fail. We have worked in High Tech, Life Sciences and Finance for 30 years and we know your business and how Kolbe can be applied to help your team excel. We’re passionate about creating the right team fit, optimizing team dynamics, and ensuring everyone’s instinctual strengths are maximized!
Ann Rockley is also a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant helping to empower individual instinctual strengths.