The Resilient Team Advantage™

The Resilient Team Advantage is designed to help you build and support a strong resilient team that allows everyone to work to their strengths, improving the overall performance of the team.

The Resilient Team Advantage:

  • Assesses your team instinctual strengths
  • Provides Management with a detailed understanding of team strengths and gaps
  • Aligns team dynamics
  • Energizes your team with effective strategies for resilience and performance.

Kolbe helps you work more effectively with insights into optimal work styles and what you need for success.”
– Suzanne Kelchner

The Resilient Team Assessment™

The Resilient Team Advantage begins with the Kolbe A™ Index assessment for each individual on your team. 

The Kolbe Index identifies and measures the human factors that influence what types of activities a person will or won’t do without persuasion, pressure or significant managerial oversight. It measures the conative (or personal motivational) behavior patterns we all have within us. It breaks it down into four understandable measures that you as a manager can use to improve the performance of your people as individuals and as a team.

Managing a Resilient Team

The Resilient Team Assessment results will be summarized in a management presentation including:

  • Overview of Kolbe A™ Index individual results
  • Comparison of team strengths
  • Team Problem Solving Chart & Interactions
  • Gaps and Recommendations


Understanding the innate motivational factors that drive the people on your team gives you an insight into how to structure and organize activities to take advantage of people’s natural strengths and avoid their weaknesses.

Resilient Team Activation™

Understanding team members’ Kolbe A results can be very liberating for team members, helping them to understand why they are eager to take on a job that may appear to be difficult or time-consuming, while at the same time they are reluctant to engage with other, apparently simpler activities. Knowledge of individual and team strengths provides excitement, enthusiasm and a renewed willingness to work to those strengths.

The team presentation will help them to:

  • Understand themselves
  • Understand their team members
  • Learn how best to work with each other

After the presentation each team member will receive their individual Kolbe A report.

Resilient Team Alignment™

The Resilient Team Alignment builds on the Resilient Team Assessment and provides management with the knowledge to individually coach team members based on their instinctual strengths including:

  • Communication best practices
  • Problem solving strengths
  • Techniques for engagement
  • Best learning methods