The Bust Stress – Build Success Roadmap™

Innovative 12-week, hybrid 1:1 and group coaching experience that goes beyond generic health coaching and career mentoring. It’s a transformative experience that combines my real-world expertise and actionable strategies to catalyze your growth!

  • Focus your strengths for unparalleled success
  • Fuel your body with personalized nutrition
  • Revitalize your well-being
  • Propel your career to the next level



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The Kolbe™ Edge

The Kolbe A™ instinctive strengths assessment is a game-changer. The Kolbe A™ uniquely pinpoints instinctive strengths, paving the way for personal and professional success. The Rockley Group has relied on Kolbe for over three decades to recruit staff, form client teams, and foster high-achieving individuals. 

The Kolbe Edge is composed of three distinct services:

  • Unlocking Excellence
  • Foundations for Sustainable Success
  • The Resilient Team Advantage