Ann Rockley

Hi, I’m Ann Rockley

I help busy people build sustainable health and resilience despite a demanding career

Sharing 32+ years of experience gained through globe-trotting career success in defiance of lifelong chronic disease

Tested, practical, achievable, realistic tips for success

Transforming lives by building sustainable success through health, mindset, and resilience!

and Rockley is an amazing woman, and I say that not only because of her expertise in the tech industry and as a mentor to me for many years. she has turned her skill, expertise, and empathy into expert health and career coaching. Career in health are so connected, and success in one area is often affected by self-care in the other. (Personally, and ongoing work anxiety is you turned out to be helped with the right nutritional supplement). If you're a woman who is experiencing burnout, anxiety, lethargy, or any of the many stressors we face in the workplace, Ann is the person to coach you through it.
Ann Rockley is a prominent, respected name in the content field. She is now devoting yourself to her personal passion: helping women with their health and well-being. Ann knows, from her extensive experience and formal training, how to personalize a workable plan based on your needs. I can attest to the efficacy of her work; it felt like having a super smart auntie take care of me. My work with her during the lockdown and winter resulted in me getting through feeling revitalized and with a greater understanding of my body's needs for full health. Ann cuts for the misinformation and fads, helping you to get to a place of better health, with solid nutritional and self-care support.