Are you experiencing:

Remote vs Hybrid vs Office challenges?

Stress and work-life balance issues increasing?

Want to become resilient and strong?

Leading with Resilience™ transforms lives and enhances performance where it matters most – health, instinctual strengths, agility and mindset

When you start a business or grow your career in high tech everyone assumes that if you’re going to be successful you must put your business before your health and life. Long days, nights and weekends. They don’t call it a 24/7 industry for nothing! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Ann Rockley built a highly successful global high tech company all while having a lifelong chronic disease. She turned the tables on success and put her health and stress management first!

Ann knows what it takes to succeed in industry as a woman and she knows the costs it exacts in mental and physical health as well as the impact on the family. Success at the expense of your health and all you hold dear is not sustainable and giving up your career is not the only option.

Building on her 32 years of success, Ann created her signature program The Resilience Maker Strategy™; one-on-one coaching for women to achieve sustainable success by optimizing their health and energizing their career!

We've seen teams do a tremendous job and rise to the challenge!

But pride in success has now turned to turmoil. Companies and team members are wrestling with location decisions and everyone is questioning the value of their job and personal fit.

Money and location play a role, but the true gap is in feelings of not being valued, not belonging, lack of perceived job growth, and uncertainty of the value of the work they are doing. The health and sustainability of the team is at risk!

We developed The Resilient Team Advantage™ to help you deeply understand and empower your team to build on their instinctual strengths to create tenacious resilience, sustained energy and optimum performance.

While building our expertise in the design and development of intelligent structured content strategies, we've worked behind the scenes helping to build teams, grow and mentor key people, hire new people to fill the gaps - and we've done all of this globally and remotely or embedded in hybrid teams for 32 years.

We're passionate about empowering individuals and teams to achieve resilience and success!