The world changed quickly in early 2020. As a virus spread across our planet, businesses reacted quickly. If staff weren’t laid off, they were sent home to work – almost overnight — to provide a safe working environment and “flatten the curve.” But the temporary is now the new normal. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Square, Shopify and many more have identified that 50% or more of their workforce will permanently work from home. And it’s not just high tech, Gartner identified that more than 74% of companies in the financial sector plan to permanently shift to more remote work. The Mayo Clinic plans to keep staff not involved in patient care, student services or research will continue to work remotely into 2021, potentially moving to a hybrid solution long-term. Twitter, Square, Shopify, Microsoft and DropBox have said their employees can work from home permanently.

Teams rose to the challenge and most pivoted successfully. However, we can no longer rely on our dedicated and hardworking resources to continue to perform at the same level. The adrenalin is dissipating, people are working longer and longer hours, the line between life and work is not only blurring it’s crumbling, and the pride of success is waning. Cracks are beginning to show, some individuals are beginning to underperform, and increasing stress is an accident waiting to happen.

Technology is not enough to fill the gap; we need to find a way to fully support our employees.

How can we ensure that companies can:


The Rockley Group has an international reputation for establishing the field in intelligent structured content strategies, but technology and methodology are not enough; success depends on the strengths and knowledge of the team. Without a strong team, no amount of content restructuring or new technology will make a team successful. We’ve worked behind the scenes helping to build teams, grow and mentor existing staff, hire new people to fill the gaps ? and we’ve done all of this globally and remotely for 30 years. We know what it takes to create and sustain successful remote work teams. And we realize no matter how brilliant your product or services, without the team and corporate infrastructure to sustain it, it will fail.

We developed The Resilient Team Advantage™ to help you build and support a strong resilient team that allows everyone to work to their strengths, improving overall performance.

This is the first in a series on remote work, assisting organizations and their teams to not just survive in the new normal but thrive. We’re passionate about creating the right team fit, optimizing team dynamics, and ensuring everyone’s instinctual strengths are maximized!



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