The Kolbe™ Edge

The Kolbe A™ instinctive strengths assessment is a game-changer. The Kolbe A™ uniquely pinpoints instinctive strengths, paving the way for personal and professional success. The Rockley Group has relied on Kolbe for over three decades to recruit staff, form client teams, and foster high-achieving individuals.

Kolbe™ is the only assessment that measures conation, or how people take action and do things. In my role as a health coach, career mentor and Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, I use Kolbe™ to assess your instinctual strengths. The results provide incredible insights into your optimum way of working. It’s not about your skills and knowledge, it’s about how you best get things done. When you recognize these strengths and combine them with your knowledge and experience, nothing can stop you!

“Kolbe helps you work more effectively with insights into optimal work styles and what you need for success.”
– Suzanne Kelchner

Unlocking Excellence

Discover your instinctive strengths for unmatched success. 1:1 Kolbe A™ assessment and deep dive session with Ann Rockley.

  • Take a deep-dive into your instinctive strengths
  • Find out what powers you to excellence
  • Understand your natural way of working for unparalleled success


Foundations for Sustainable Success™

Integrate Unlocking Excellence with digital resources to harmonize your career goals with your instinctive strengths.

  • Unlocking Excellence
  • Bust Imposter Syndrome
  • Craft your narrative to position yourself as the ideal candidate

The Resilient Team Advantage™

Foster the growth and sustainability of a robust, resilient team by allowing each member to use their strengths and boost overall team effectiveness.

  • Individual Kolbe A’s to assess your team’s instinctual strengths.
  • Gain a comprehensive insight into team strengths and gaps.
  • Harmonize team dynamics for smoother collaboration.
  • Strengthen team resilience and enhance performance.