In this free eBook, we provide best practices that you can use to better manage your remote team to further increase productivity and reduce burnout, and to help you meet the challenges of managing teams in a remote world. In it you’ll learn how to:

  • Set expectations for optimum results
  • Motivate your staff from a distance
  • Encourage work-life-balance
  • Prevent meeting fatigue
  • Go beyond skill sets to build on your team’s instinctual strength
  • And more…

In this free eBook, we provide best practices that you can use to optimize your home office and make it truly functional. In it you’ll learn how to:

  • Make your workspace functional
  • Be productive from home
  • Find work-life-balance
  • Prevent meeting fatigue
  • Support your health
  • And more…

Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy Provides insights and guidelines that will help you develop a unified content strategy―a repeatable, systematic plan that can help you reach your customers, anytime, anywhere, on any device

Intelligent Content: A Primer, introduces intelligent content: how it works, the benefits, the objectives, the challenges, and how to get started. Anyone who wants to understand intelligent content will get a clear introduction along with case studies and all the reference information you could ask for to make the case for intelligent content with your management.

DITA 101: Fundamentals of DITA (Second Edition) for Authors and Managers provides everything you need to know about DITA in an easy-to-understand introduction.