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Right idea, wrong decade…

When NPR started a news report recently with the quote “With a growing public concern about online privacy…” it made me laugh. Let me tell you why. Years ago, when the Web was new, and URLs were long, a company called Digital Convergence (DC) came up with a nifty device that made it easier for […]

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DITA Metrics 101 – Making the eBook

We’ve always said that publishing isn’t just paper. It includes any method of getting our content – our stories – our to our customers wherever they are. So publishing Mark Lewis’ DITA Metrics 101 book just on paper was never an option for us. Paper is just one channel, and we’d always planned on having […]

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CMS ROI Calculator Available

We have updated our popular CMS ROI Calculator. We first created the CMS ROI Calculator as a companion piece to our book Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy. We’ve recently revamped it to reflect current industry costs and we’ve added a new section on publishing tool costs. If you are interested in purchasing content […]

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SDL Acquires XyEnterprise

SDL announced today that is acquiring XyEnterprise. The XyEnterprise product suite will complement SDL Trisoft. The acquisition of XyEnterprise was not a surprise, with this economy this is one of the products we had identified as ripe for acquisition, but it was a bit of a surprise to hear that it was SDL. SDL Trisoft […]

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IBM and Quark have recently announced a partnership to provide DITA through FileNet. Quark XML Author 3.0 has been integrated with IBM FileNet Content Manager P8 4.5 to provide DITA functionality in an enterprise environment. (more…)

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