The mobile market just got a bit more interesting.

And I mean mobile in the real-world, carry it everywhere sense. Google has just announced that they’re stepping up and expanding their reach into the mobile world. They’ve just announced something called “Android Wear” – their foray into wearable, location and context aware computing. Not surprisingly, they’re kicking it off with a watch. At this […]

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Right idea, wrong decade…

When NPR started a news report recently with the quote “With a growing public concern about online privacy…” it made me laugh. Let me tell you why. Years ago, when the Web was new, and URLs were long, a company called Digital Convergence (DC) came up with a nifty device that made it easier for […]

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Praise for the Post Office

It’s not something you hear too often, but I’m really impressed with the postal service. I received a parcel at the office. It was from the US and of course, we’re here in Canada. OK, not that impressive, you’re thinking. I get parcels at the office all the time – even international ones. (more…)

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This week has brought many changes to the CCM space with two acquisitions (XyEnterprise and In one sense it is sad because these companies were good companies in their own right, but in more ways it was exciting. They are but examples of how this industry is growing up and branching out. (more…)

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So busy…

We haven’t been posting as much as we’d like recently because we’ve been focusing on the preparations for our upcoming Intelligent Content 2009conference. There have been foods to choose, rooms to manage, technical details of all sorts to sort out and much, much more. It’s been fun (if somewhat hectic, especially over the holiday season) […]

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Yesterday two major things were on my mind. First I was very excited to announce our inaugural conference on Intelligent Content. We’ve been talking about having a conference for years, and now it seemed to be the right time, there were so many things happening with content. Content can be much more than static content, […]

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