DITA Metrics 101 – Making the eBook

We’ve always said that publishing isn’t just paper. It includes any method of getting our content – our stories – our to our customers wherever they are. So publishing Mark Lewis’ DITA Metrics 101 book just on paper was never an option for us. Paper is just one channel, and we’d always planned on having […]

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Sony joins the ecosystem fray

After well, forever, Sony has released an app for their eReader on the Apple app store. Sony has had a variety of capable eReaders for some time, but up until now hasn’t had a method of supporting iThingies. Their new app is pretty typical (cloud integration, cross platform bookmarks, pretty bookshelf, etc), but the one […]

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New eBook readers

This week two new eBook readers were unleashed on the world. Kobo, which is available worldwide released the Touch, and Barnes & Noble released a new version of the Nook, which like all their readers/tablets are available only in the US. (more…)

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