Content Management Skills

I’m often asked what type of skills someone would need to succeed in the area of content management. The following is a top-level list. It is not necessary to have all these skills, the list indicates some of the skills that would be useful. (more…)

Continue Reading 4 Introduces Radical New Payment Plan came into being because the founders felt there was a strong need for a low-cost, yet fully functional XML-based content component management system; in other words, a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. Now they have introduced a radical new payment plan, Pay-Per-Minute™ to provide further cost savings to companies. (more…)

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Plan, Plan, Plan!

Recently we ran a survey to get an understanding of what tools people were using, what they liked and didn’t like and what suggestions they would make for others using the tool. More than 50% of the suggestions for others had nothing to do with the tool, they were all about planning, research and design. […]

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CCM: Do we really need it?

Two things sparked this article. The first was a question about whether a company needs a CCM (content component management system) if they have an existing system that can handle XML files and the second was the answer I got from Interwoven today on their support of XML (no longer a focus they said). Let’s […]

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