About the Rockley Group

The Rockley Group, Inc. (TRG) is the world leader in the development and implementation of intelligent content strategies and structured content management solutions.

Thought leaders in the content strategy industry, The Rockley Group introduced the concept of content strategy with their ground-breaking book Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, now in its second edition. The Rockley Group coined the term intelligent content, founded the Intelligent Content Conference, and defined the methodologies and best practices for intelligent content and content strategy in use around the world today.

Ann Rockley Celebrates 30 Years of Content Strategy

On December 13, 1989, in the same year that Nintendo released its revolutionary Game Boy, Ann Rockley, then a technical writer, changed her career trajectory by declaring herself a freelance content strategist. It was this first foray into the world of entrepreneurism thirty years ago that led Rockley to found The Rockley Group, Inc., a consultancy that specializes in developing intelligent content management strategies and underlying information architecture.


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