The Rockley Group Inc. (TRG) has been helping organizations of all sizes to move to structured content management and publishing strategies for more than 20 years. We help content managers and authors meet the increasing demands of creating, distributing and managing the content they create. Our team of experienced analysts brings a wide variety of expertise to the table and can help you avoid expensive pitfalls.

Our methodology: The Rockley Strategic Method™

The Rockley Strategic Method™ enables organizations to design an intelligent structured content strategy and adopt a structured content management system. Used by the world’s leading brands, the method:

  • Identifies customer requirements
  • Defines structured content models
  • Determines how content will be reused
  • Identifies the tags (metadata) for retrieval and delivery
  • Determines how content should be managed throughout the entire content lifecycle
  • Defines the governance policies to manage the content from creation to retirement
  • Recommends appropriate tools and technology
  • Helps organizations to adapt to change

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