Empowerment — Learning To Do It On Your Own

The Rockley Group offers a number of facilitated sessions that help you learn how to analyze and model content, design a content strategy, adopt appropriate best practices and standards, and empower your staff to take on every aspect of content strategy on their own.

We offer consulting sessions and workshops customized to your needs, and can help you determine the best combination of components to achieve your goals. And, if you want to work on your own and you need help as questions and issues arise, we are happy to mentor you to help you reach your objectives while avoiding wrong turns in the road.

We offer:

The Content Management Jumpstart Workshop

The Content Management JumpStart workshop introduces the concepts, strategies, guidelines, processes, and technology options required for a successful content management implementation.

After the workshop you will understand the factors affecting implementation and how to develop a realistic strategy that meets your authors’ and customers’ needs.

Content Modeling and Structured Writing Workshop

Content models define how information products are structured to support reuse and consistency. They also identify where information products will share reusable content and the metadata that apply to each element. Structured writing provides standards for structuring and writing each element identified in your models.

After this workshop you will know and understand techniques for creating XML-ready content models that support content reuse in a structured authoring environment, and how to create writing guidelines to support these models.[/toggle]

Facilitated Content Analysis and Modeling Session

During the Facilitated Content Analysis and Modeling Session we not only help you develop structured content models, we help you develop a reuse strategy. All models are XML-ready. We’ll help you to determine if an XML standard is right for you and how you can map your content to the standard.

We can work with one information set or as many different sets (often running parallel analysis sessions) as you require. And we provide you with the techniques to model content on your own.

After the workshop, you will have the beginnings of a content strategy that identifies your structured content and reuse models.

Facilitated Taxonomy Session

The Facilitated Taxonomy Modeling Session focuses on how your content creators tag content. During the session, we review your current taxonomies, develop a new tagging scheme to reflect modular reusable content, and recommend processes to help your content creators follow the scheme.
After the session, you will have the beginnings of a taxonomy strategy that identifies controlled vocabulary, a reuse classification hierarchy, content flows and relationships, and a metadata tagging strategy.

Facilitated Workflow Session

The Facilitated Workflow Analysis and Design Session gives you a good head-start on designing your workflow to reflect your desired processes relative to your content management system and unified content strategy.

During the session we will work with you to create preliminary swim-lane diagrams for inclusion in your workflow specification.

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