Content Strategy — Planning for Success

The Rockley Group offers a well-tested and proven design methodology — our Unified Content Strategy™ — which enables you to create once and publish across multiple types of information and publishing channels. This strategy gives you the underlying concepts, best practices, guidelines, and structure you need to quickly design, build, test and deliver an effective multichannel, customer-centric content

Our Unified Content Strategy consists of: structured content models, reuse strategy, taxonomy and metadata, workflow, and governance. This approach helps identify your content strategy so you can reuse content and disseminate it more easily and efficiently. You can create customized content components that can be assembled to create consistent content products and scale to meet the requirements of different channels (print, web, mobile). And you can store and retrieve content based on a common vocabulary and shared metadata. Workflow component defines how people and tasks interact, so you can easily move content from one task to another and ensure that you control its use and reuse.

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