We help you align your business requirements, optimize your content lifecycle, select the technologies that best meet your needs, and achieve your content goals.

An effective content strategy begins with content analysis and alignment. This phase of our services starts with our Substantive Audit™, which is the core of this process.

The Substantive Audit

During this content analysis and recommendations process, we examine your business requirements, content lifecycle processes, and your content itself. We analyze how you create, manage, and deliver content so we can identify any issues associated with these processes.

We also evaluate the structure of your content and identify ways to reuse it. We then make recommendations that lead you toward a unified content strategy — a plan of action that will enable you to make the most of your content life cycle, take full advantage of reuse opportunities, and choose the technologies that best meet your needs.

The Substantive Audit consists of three main parts: an in-depth organizational needs analysis, a content lifecycle analysis, and a content audit.

We also offer three optional audit components: a customer-needs analysis, help with tools selection, and a return on investment analysis.

Contact us for complete details on any or all components of our Substantive Audit.

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