Whitepapers: A four-part series on Pharma Content

As demographics change, and more and more new pharmaceutical products come to market, content plays an increasingly important role in regulatory requirements, as well as physician and patient knowledge and support. Yet content is still created and managed using manual methods requiring enormous amounts of time and human intervention. Keeping up with the dramatic changes in regulatory requirements and recommendations for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals is putting increasing pressure on the Pharmaceutical industry.

Dedicated and knowledgeable though our people are, we can no longer rely on them to have an encyclopedic knowledge of our content and all its permutations enabling them to rapidly respond to changes and requirements. And we can no longer hand-craft our content over and over again for multiple Health Authorities and audience needs. We don’t have the resources or the time, and we can’t afford the cost of this error-prone process.

Paper 1 of 4: Challenges in Creating, Managing, and Delivering Pharmaceutical Content

Paper 2 of 4: Addressing the Challenges of Pharmaceutical Content

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