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IBM and Quark have recently announced a partnership to provide DITA through FileNet. Quark XML Author 3.0 has been integrated with IBM FileNet Content Manager P8 4.5 to provide DITA functionality in an enterprise environment. (more…)

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The second edition of the groundbreaking XML & Component Content Management Report is now ready!

Document management isn’t good enough anymore. Today we need to be able to track the creation of individual pieces of content through their entire lifecycle. We need the content to be intelligent. Intelligent content is not limited to one purpose, technology or output. It’s structurally rich and semantically aware and is therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, […]

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Serving Up PDF – Another Way

A salient point in that post was also made about using the right tool for the job at hand. In this post, I thought I would offer another way. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the challenge remains the same – dynamically generating formatted content. But in this case, let’s also assume that […]

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The Flavors of CM: LCMS and LMS

A lot of the systems we tend to talk about are focused on either technical publications or on generalized publishing. But there’s another focus area for content management that we haven’t talked about a lot that should be talked about: Learning materials, aka training materials. Enter Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management Systems […]

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The Flavors of CM: Content Management vs Document Management

There are many different perspectives around on what content management is and isn’t and what a Content Management system needs to do. According to that font of all knowledge, Wikipedia, “A content management system (CMS) is computer software used to create, edit, manage, and publish content in a consistently organized fashion. CMSs are frequently used […]

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What about OpenXML?

Every now and again, we’re asked a question like, “We’ve decided to move to XML. Can we use OpenXML instead of something like DocBook or DITA?” The question comes up because Open XML gets a lot of press. Open XML (or Office Open XML if you are going by its formal name) is an Ecma […]

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Is XSL holding us back?

In looking at technology to support DITA, it’s easy to see that there have been some great advances in the functionality of XML editors. The vendors have added specialized functions and capabilities to make it easy to create topics and DITA maps. Content management systems have kept pace … pretty much every CM system that […]

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