Content Management Skills

I’m often asked what type of skills someone would need to succeed in the area of content management. The following is a top-level list. It is not necessary to have all these skills, the list indicates some of the skills that would be useful. (more…)

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It’s (tools) information overload

I was going to write about something entirely different today. I was going to ask you what sort of content you would like to see in this space. But, as I was perusing my Google Alerts, which arrive daily in dizzying numbers, I started thinking about the volume of announcements that we’ve been receiving lately. […]

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Structured content vs Content management

I was recently reminded of a point of confusion that often crops up in discussions of things like structured content, DITA, and content management. The point is this: even if you don’t have a content management system or plans to move to XML, there are many benefits to structuring you content now. In other words, […]

Continue Reading 4 Introduces Radical New Payment Plan came into being because the founders felt there was a strong need for a low-cost, yet fully functional XML-based content component management system; in other words, a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. Now they have introduced a radical new payment plan, Pay-Per-Minute™ to provide further cost savings to companies. (more…)

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