Paper Laptops?

There’s a fascinating article on ‘The Morning News’ describing a series of paper laptops that were designed by a group of students in North Carolina. They actually use the laptops in class to ‘talk to one another’, much in the same way that Neopets allow kids to keep a pet. (more…)

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How do you write if you’re just starting out, and have no feedback from your readers yet? If you’re writing for a Web 2.0 audience, how do you decide the level of interaction you should have, if you don’t have a “baseline” to start from? Sometimes when we write, our writing (and the information provided) […]

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Making the writing “easy to scan”

In a comment to a previous post, I was asked about the importance of making the writing “easy to scan”, what it meant and how to best accomplish it – bolding text? providing overviews? I started out writing a quick reply, but it quickly grew into something that deserved its own post. So, what’s the […]

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