Adobe DITA World 2018

Mixed Marriages – Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign together in Technical Communications

Thursday, October 11 at 3-4 Eastern time

In a perfect world all departments would work together harmoniously, everyone would get along and our content would flow from ideation to publication in a seamless manner. But in the real world we often find ourselves using content from a variety of sources and using multiple (often incompatible) tools to get the job done.

I often find organizations have a large investment in InDesign, FrameMaker and other tools. As budgets tighten and lead times shrink, different departments are expected to work together more closely – and they all use different tools and processes to create and maintain content.

In this session I’ll show you how you can integrate FrameMaker, XML and InDesign across or between departments.
You’ll learn:

  • how to identify if different departments are ‘good fits’ for sharing content
  • how different workflows can be used to leverage the particular strengths of different tools (including sample workflows)
  • tips to streamline content sharing and ‘gotchas’ to look out for!
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