LocWorld31 Dublin, Ireland – June 8-10

We’re presenting twice at LocWorld 31 in Dublin. The first session is a half-day workshop titled Introduction to Intelligent Content for Translation, while the sescond is a two-hander with Charles Cooper and Kit Brown-Hoekstra (of Comgenesis). In that session we’ll examine the challenges (and propose solutions) for using InDesign in a Localisation content.

Introduction to Intelligent Content for Translation

Thursday 9 June

Scott Abel – The Content Wrangler
Charles Cooper – The Rockley Group Inc.
Ann Rockley – The Rockley Group Inc.

What is intelligent content? It’s a method of creating, structuring and applying metadata to content to make it intelligent. It optimizes your content life cycle from creation, translation and localization through management and eventual content delivery. By using intelligent content best practices you can meet the needs of a wide variety of groups; content creators, localizers and final users — but it’s a natural fit for those who are translating and localizing content. Intelligent content results in decreased costs and increased consistency while ensuring that content can easily adapt to local needs. Join us for a hands-on, 90-minute introduction to intelligent content for translation and localization.

Takeaways: Benefits of content reuse; different types of reuse; potential problem areas for reuse and translation; and best practices for reuse when translating content.

InDesign Localization Challenges and Solutions

Friday 10 June

Katherine (Kit) Brown-Hoekstra – Comgenesis, LLC
Charles Cooper – The Rockley Group Inc.

Marketing departments around the globe use Adobe InDesign to create marketing materials primarily because the popular desktop publishing software works well for building complex layouts with lots of graphics. But when it comes to reviewing and localizing InDesign files, difficulties arise. The most common — and painful — challenges introduce unnecessary manual tasks, slowing time-to-market and increasing costs. In this session, we will share best practices for localizing marketing content, including the creation of processes, templates and source files designed to streamline localization of Adobe InDesign files.

Takeaways: Several tactics for structuring source content for localization; two tools designed to solve InDesign file review and localization challenges; and tips for improving localization process efficiency and efficacy.

For more information, and to register, visit the conference website.

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