More than just a logo change – CMI purchases the IC Conferences


There’re some exciting changes in store for the Intelligent Content Conferences. And it’s more than just a change to the logo! On June 26th the Content Marketing Institute purchased them both (the Intelligent Content Conference and Intelligent Content Conference Life Sciences and Healthcare) from The Rockley Group.

The conferences were fun, and they were exciting to produce, but they took us from our core focus. Even with the fantastic help of Scott Abel (without whom we wouldn’t have been able to produce the conferences) they took us away from our core mission — working with clients to implement Intelligent Content within their businesses.

In 2014 the Intelligent Content Conferences had reached the ripe old age of six and like many toddlers of that age they wanted to “get let out some more”. We were finding that difficult.

The purchase of the conferences by CMI will let that happen. It’s a delight to us. Joe Pulizzi and his team at CMI will able be able to grow them beyond what we could have done and that’ll help introduce the concept of Intelligent Content to people we’d never reach — and we think that this is crucial for anyone who is interested in getting their message out to their customers in a consistent, repeatable and targeted manner.

You can see the full press release here, and read Ann’s personal comment about the sale here.

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