CMI has purchased the Intelligent Content Conferences

We are pleased to announce that the Content Marketing Institute has acquired the Intelligent Content Conferences (ICC). It was a big decision to make because these conferences and intelligent content are near and dear to my heart, but it was time to let them soar higher.

ICC has grown by leaps and bounds from a tiny conference of 35 people to more than 400 in 2014. It has grown with the help of my co-producer Scott Abel whose wide reach in the content world is amazing. And it has grown because of the fabulous speakers, enthusiastic attendees, and sponsors. But it has reached a point where if it is to continue to grow and if intelligent content is to become core to all content areas we need to go beyond the current model.

As consultants in the field helping clients on a daily basis to make intelligent content a reality, running large conferences can be challenging. The opportunity to have the conferences make this leap under the auspices of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is a terrific opportunity. We are confident that CMI understands the importance of intelligent content and will manage it as successfully as their existing conferences.

For those of you concerned that intelligent content will only be about content marketing, don’t worry, it won’t be. Intelligent content is integral to the entire spectrum of content and the themes of the existing conferences will continue to be addressed, but it will now be introduced to content areas who sorely need this knowledge.

Scott Abel and I will continue to be involved in the program decision-making for the near future and we have lots of terrific ideas to share with all of you.

So thanks for all your support for ICC, we’re excited to take the next step!

You can see the full press release here, and read Charles’ personal comment about the sale here.

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