Multi-device publishing for DITA Metrics 101

Mark discussing DITA Metrics 101 and the ePublishing process

Mark discussing DITA Metrics 101 and the ePublishing process

We’ve just come back from the STC Summit in Atlanta. In addition to our sessions there, we spent some time with Mark Lewis, of Quark at (of all places) the Adobe both.


Because we published Mark’s book “DITA Metrics 101 – The Business Case for XML and Intelligent Content” earlier this year. And we used Adobe’s Technical Communicaiton Suite (TCS), notably FrameMaker, to do it. We’ve also just used the TCS to publish the book out to various eBook formats, across a wide variety of devices. We used it to generate EPUB for iBooks and various eReader apps that require EPUB, as well as Mobi for the Kindle.

We spent an hour and a half with Mark and attendees, discussing the book and showing what the output looked like on a variety of devices, using a variety of eReaders within the devices.

That’s just a small part of what I call my “electronic petting zoo” on the table in the attached photo. Each device had multiple copies of the Mark’s book installed, and we were able to show people both the similaraties and differences of the book as it was rendered on/in different environments.

We had a great time, and I know we opened a few eyes as to the possibilites (and limitations) of single sourcing print and eBooks within one environment.

Don’t forget to follow Mark on Twitter – his handle is @LewisDITAMetric

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