Sony joins the ecosystem fray

After well, forever, Sony has released an app for their eReader on the Apple app store. Sony has had a variety of capable eReaders for some time, but up until now hasn’t had a method of supporting iThingies. Their new app is pretty typical (cloud integration, cross platform bookmarks, pretty bookshelf, etc), but the one major thing they’ve left out is the ability to purchase books through the app. In order to do that you still have to use your Sony eReader account, either on a laptop/desktop or on a traditional Sony eReader.


Because that way they don’t have to pay Apple for each book sold.

This isn’t a totally new strategy – Amazon does the same. It will be interesting to see how it works out for Sony.

You can check it out on the iTunes store. FYI, it’s a US/Canada link, so it might not work in your location.


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