SDL Delivers on Dynamic Publishing Vision

For years we have talked about dynamic publishing, but frankly it has been hard to do and we have often had to cobble together a multi-product publishing solution to provide full functionality. SDL has just announced the integration of SDL Trisoft (DITA-based Component Content Management System) and SDL LiveContent (a dynamic delivery engine) to provide dynamic publishing of technical documentation.

Dynamic publishing is the process where content is assembled on demand to meet users’ specific needs, providing them with exactly what they are looking for, when they are looking for it, and in the format they are looking for it in.

For the most part, technical communicators have delivered print (often PDF format) and help materials. In recent years they have begun to deliver content via wikis and blogs, but even the social media technologies have been static with no customization to meet specific customers’ needs.

Dynamic publishing provides the opportunity to provide customized, interactive content and content can be delivered to the web or on smart phones (an ever increasing choice for content retrieval). Customers can use self service to get customized answers to their technical support questions and they can get those answers wherever they are.

Dynamic publishing is an important step on the road towards intelligent content.

To find out more about SDL’s solution go to SDL’s Structured Content Division.

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