CMS ROI Calculator Available

We have updated our popular CMS ROI Calculator.

We first created the CMS ROI Calculator as a companion piece to our book Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy. We’ve recently revamped it to reflect current industry costs and we’ve added a new section on publishing tool costs.

If you are interested in purchasing content management technology, this calculator will assist you in determining costs.

Note that developing a successful business case is about a lot more than running numbers. You need to:

  • Analyze your situation
  • Determine your pain points
  • Identify what those pain points are costing you
  • Identify what those pain points are costing you

And of course you need to put these numbers into the context of a business case that will help your organization to understand the benefits of moving towards content management.

For more on calculating an effective ROI refer to Chapter 3 of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy and consider attending Intelligent Content 2010. We’ve got a great selection of speakers. Chona Shumate from Cymer, one of our featured speakers talks about How to Turn Content into a Corporate Asset. And Rahel Anne Bailie, Intentional Design Inc. speaks about Raising Content IQ with a Good Strategy where she talks about treating content as an asset.

Download the ROI Calculator. Give us your feedback on this new revamped calculator.

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