This week has brought many changes to the CCM space with two acquisitions (XyEnterprise and In one sense it is sad because these companies were good companies in their own right, but in more ways it was exciting. They are but examples of how this industry is growing up and branching out.

I have been working for almost a decade to help organizations to understand that XML is not just niche market but is a viable solution for all their content, whether it be Web, multichannel, enterprise or all of the “2.0 iterations of content.” These two acquisitions are just an example of this increasing trend.

  • EMC acquires X-Hive for full integration into the ECM suite (XML in ECM)
  • Quark acquires Research to add to their growing XML suite (XML in Marketing and the enterprise)
  • EMC releases Dynamic Delivery Services (XML in dynamic publishing)
  • Mark Logic surges forward with dynamic publishing (XML in dynamic publishing)
  • IBM releases a DITA version of FileNet P8 (XML in ECM)
  • SDL acquires XyEnterprise for expanded technical publishing and dynamic publishing (XML in dynamic publishing)
  • Really Strategies acquires for expanded publishing and media (XML in SaaS publishing and media)

So what’s next? I anticipate more changes in this space. There will probably be some losses and further acquisitions and repositioning, but that’s a sign of growth and maturation within the industry.

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