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Today Really Strategies announced the acquisition of Really Strategies’ RSuite is an XML-based content management system aimed at publishing and media companies. DocZone.Com is best known for its SaaS-based DITA solution for technical publishing.

At first glance this seems like a very odd match. Really Strategies has largely been focused on publishing and media and has been focused on DITA and technical publishing. However, they are both publishing and both XML-based. These worlds are beginning to blend with publishers looking to XML to help them become more agile and move into “Publishing 2.0”.

The major reason that this acquisition makes sense is because offers a low-cost SaaS-based solution to complement Really Strategies higher-end client/server solution. This makes it possible for Really Strategies to serve a broader range of publishing and media companies. has become known for its innovation:

  • First SaaS-based XML technical publishing solution
  • Rapid move to open-source Alfresco after EMC purchased XHive Docato
  • Low-cost publishing and media version earlier this year

So it shouldn’t be too hard to adapt to this new home for the product. However, we do anticipate some adjustment as the product has to become more user friendly to support the technology adverse world of the traditional publishing editorial process.

That being said, Really Strategies has gained a low-cost SaaS-based publishing solution to round out its offering, global European clients and support, and a highly innovative development team and has gained a more secure home.

Really Strategies has pledged to maintain’s product and customer base. The combined companies will be headquartered in Audobon, PA.

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