SDL Acquires XyEnterprise

SDL announced today that is acquiring XyEnterprise. The XyEnterprise product suite will complement SDL Trisoft.

The acquisition of XyEnterprise was not a surprise, with this economy this is one of the products we had identified as ripe for acquisition, but it was a bit of a surprise to hear that it was SDL. SDL Trisoft and XyEnterprise Contenta compete head to head in the market place.

While these products do compete there are pieces of XyEnterprise that will augment SDL Trisoft. The first and most obvious being the publishing products XML Professional Publisher (XPP) and LiveContent (a dynamic delivery engine). XyEnterprise also brings an S1000D version to the table, an obvious gap in SDL Trisoft. However, there is a lot of overlap in the main product Contenta and we anticipate that a large portion of it will be discarded. The new product will be branded XySoft.

XyEnterprise also brings a large sales and support staff to SDL Trisoft. While SDL Trisoft has projected a large presence under the SDL name, it was really very tiny. SDL Trisoft could not have continued to grow without a large influx of resources. And grow they must to compete with the ECM vendors like EMC and IBM that have entered the CCM space.

While SDL has a good track record of maintaining the integrity of the products it purchases (e.g., Idiom, Tridion, Trisoft) I can’t help but feel that we are losing a venerable old product (surviving on its own for almost 20 years) in the acquisition of XyEnterprise Contenta. It will probably continue to live on in the S1000D version, but will be subsumed in SDL Trisoft.

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