IBM and Quark have recently announced a partnership to provide DITA through FileNet. Quark XML Author 3.0 has been integrated with IBM FileNet Content Manager P8 4.5 to provide DITA functionality in an enterprise environment.

IBM has added to their content model to support new primary classes to provide for relationships between topics (e.g., parent/child). IBM FileNet Content Manager P8 4.5 provides the following DITA functionality:

  • DITA maps
  • Automatic classification of topics (e.g., concept, task, reference)
  • Relationships between topics
  • Conrefs
  • Where used
  • Reference (e.g, links) management
  • DITA metadata
  • Publication through the DITA Open Toolkit

The latest version of Quark XML Author 3.0 provides the Word-based authoring interface including:

  • TOC representation of DITA maps
  • Single document, or individual representation of topics
  • DITA structure via styles
  • Embedded writing guidelines (e.g., how to write an effective short description)
  • Integration with P8 to navigate folder structure, access and store content or images
  • Point and click reuse

The IBM and Quark partnership provide an option for creating DITA in the enterprise.

For more on this topic see my CMS Watch Blog entry “DITA for the masses?”.

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