The second edition of the groundbreaking XML & Component Content Management Report is now ready!

Document management isn’t good enough anymore. Today we need to be able to track the creation of individual pieces of content through their entire lifecycle. We need the content to be intelligent.

Intelligent content is not limited to one purpose, technology or output. It’s structurally rich and semantically aware and is therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable and adaptable. And intelligent content isn’t just a future, it’s possible now.

But in order to create and manage intelligent content, you need a Component Content Management system.

Unlike a traditional Document Management System, which tracks and manages completed documents, a Component Content Management (CCM) system manages content at a granular (component) level of content rather than at the page, chapter or document level. There are a myriad of tool choices, and the Report provides you with essential background information you need to understand the CCM space and to make the best decision for your organization.

Now in it’s second year, the report adds a new section on seven XML capable publishing tools. Newly updated to reflect the latest information, and based on extensive technology research and customer interviews, the Report also evaluates twelve major CCM suppliers and six prominent XML Editor tools.

This year the report found that XML is truly crossing into the enterprise:

  • IBM is building a strategic presence witnessed by its recent integration of DITA with IBM FileNet Content Manager in partnership with Quark XML Author
  • Microsoft has signaled an interest in the space with the promotion of Intelligent Content Framework
  • Open Source options are now available through Alfresco via DocZone and Componize
  • Adobe and Quark have moved publishing from technical XSL-FO to high end digital media delivery
  • EMC and Mark Logic have taken content retrieval to new levels with intelligent XQuery and dynamic delivery

In addition, the 360-plus page Report documents industry best practices and identifies common pitfalls to avoid when selecting and implementing a CCM system

Read Bob Glushko’s review of the first edition here.

To purchase your copy, or to see a sample excerpt visit the Report page at CMSWatch.

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