Intelligent Content 2009 Conference

After attending dozens of conferences each year, the time had finally come for The Rockley Group to host one of our own. By all accounts, Intelligent Content 2009 was a resounding success!

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from both our speakers and attendees. The diversity of the speakers and program content, the mix of people attending, the amazing food and venue and of course (especially for those of us from up north), the beautiful weather of Palm Springs.

The Parker Palm Springs Resort seemed to be just the perfect venue for our intimate initial conference offering. The conference building was just right for our two tracks of speakers each day. In between sessions, people enjoyed the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the resort grounds and warm weather.

Many thanks go out to our spectacular speakers. People have said they were pleasantly surprised at the number of truly excellent and engrossing presentations that were given. We were told that many attendees have gone home with a better understanding of IA and how it could be implemented in their working environment. Hearing about the results and successes of others have helped to cement their resolve to push forward in their IA projects.

We will take all of the suggestions and input that we have received from everyone and plan to make Intelligent Content 2010 even better than the first!

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