X-Pubs 2008 is almost here

You wouldn’t build a bridge or a house without a plan, why would you build your document set or website without one? All too often, it appears that that’s exactly what happens. Dead end links, confusing navigation, structure that appears to make it hard to find information and search engines that find everything but what the user is looking for abound.

At this year’s X-Pubs Conference, I’ll be presenting a pre-conference workshop and a conference session focused on the importance of Taxonomy and Information Architecture. Specifically, I’ll will be demonstrating how a well designed Information Architecture and a well thought out Taxonomy form the basis of a plan that allows you to design information products (documents, websites, help files, etc.) that meet the needs of your users.

This year the conference is being held at the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel, UK, June 22-24, 2008. For more information about my session or workshop, or about the conference in general, check out the X-Pubs website at www.x-pubs.com.

I hope to see you there.

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