Ann Rockley speaking at Content Convergence and Integration

I will be speaking at the Content Convergence and Integration conference March 12-14 in Vancouver.

This is a new conference, but will be quite interesting with a strong focus on content professionals who need to find more strategic ways to manage their content in a world where content now gets created and syndicated, integrated, repurposed, and redistributed. And it is attracting a mix of content professionals, from Web to marketing to technical communication professionals, and from content management to knowledge management to information management consultants.

The three day program focuses on:

  • Day 1 – Content . The new demands being made on marketing and technical content, the implications of different types of content structures, and techniques for decision-makers to go forward with confidence
  • Day 2 – Technology . Some of the technologies being adopted in the Web 2.0 space that make content convergence possible, how content portability is made possible, and the competitive advantages of using these technologies and methods
  • Day 3 – Relationships . The changing landscape of user relationships, intended and unintended consequences of syndicated content, copyright issues in a content syndication world, and how to create ongoing authentic relationships

I will be speaking on:

  • Making Content Portable across the Enterprise

    There are numerous areas within the enterprise that create content, yet content is frequently siloed and is not easily discoverable, lacks consistency from one silo to another, and is limited in implementation and value. Content cannot be shared and reused across the enterprise. This session will focus on a number of ways of making content shareable across the enterprise including, enterprise taxonomy, structured content, planned reuse.

  • Choosing the right tools for the right job

    This workshop discusses how to evaluate component content management systems (CCMS) and authoring tools for your needs. It looks at some of the key criteria required for a successful implementation as well as how to identify which tool meets your specific requirements. The workshop will look at authoring tools, multichannel, web and enterprise tools. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss their requirements.

Check out the other sessions.

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