FrameMaker v8 has arrived

There’s another option for those amongst us who prefer not to see any XML code when creating DITA content.

Adobe has announced FrameMaker v8, which takes the DITA functionality formerly available from the Adobe workbench as an unsupported add-in and delivers it in product form.

New features include

  • Unicode support
  • DITA support
  • Rich Media support
  • Text edit tracking and multiple undo
  • Attribute-based output (to control conditional output in structured mode)
  • Microsoft Office 2007 support

Adobe also promises enhanced functionality in several areas, including

  • Conditional output
  • XML roundtripping
  • Schema support
  • XSLT support

FrameMaker is not to everyone’s taste as a DITA editor. Some of us still like to see the code when we are editing XML, but it’s nice to see more choices for the writers we have to support.

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