CCM Market Heating up?

Is the content component management market heating up? Vendors have made a record number of announcements about upgrades and new features and functions and buyouts have begun.

While I have no statistical proof that the content component management market is heating up, it sure looks like it. There have been a record number of announcements from vendors in the last six months. For example:

  • Adobe FrameMaker announced the release of FrameMaker 8, a more DITA capable version
  • AuthorIT announced the release of AuthorIT Live, a web-based version of their software
  • Astoria Software announced the SaaS version of its product
  • EMC Documentum announced the release of Technical Publications Solution, a DITA specific solution for the technical publications industry
  • Research announced the release of Xpress DITA Studio, a DITA specific version of their authoring tool
  • Vasont announced the release of Version 11 of their product, an upgrade that saw a much friendlier user interface
  • XyEnterprise released Contenta DITA 1.4, the next generation of its XML content management and multichannel delivery solution
  • JustSystems XMetaL and XyEnterprise announce the integration of XMetaL Reviewer in XyEnterprise Contenta


The CCM industry hasn’t seen a lot of vendor buyouts since the dot-com bust, yet two major ones have occurred in the last few months.

  • SDL bought Tridion, a web-based content component management system to serve as its web content product solution
  • EMC Documentum bought X-Hive, a Dutch-based CCM product and XML-based database, with the intent of integrating X-Hive/DB into its current offering to support robust XML content management

Why is this Happening?

There are two reasons why we are seeing so much activity in this industry. The first is DITA and the second is the recognition of the power of content component management.

DITA has been a driving force in vendor upgrades as they first moved to support the release of DITA then moved to compete on features and functionality of their support of DITA. DITA has made it possible for the Technical Publications industry to easily adopt XML at a an uprecedented rate and CCM vendors needed to be there to support it.

And on a wider scale, the enterprise information management industry has begun to recognize the power that XML and content components bring to content management, dynamic content delivery, personalization, and translation. XML and content component management isn’t just for tech pubs anymore, it is becoming mainstream and these vendors have seen how their product lines can benefit from product acquisition as a strategic move.

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